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Observer of life who writes about language, literature, history, and politics. I have worked in state government for over 35 years, nine years in the Legislature, nine years in the Comptroller's office, and 20 years practicing law at the Attorney General's office.

Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters United!!

One of the sad truths about our democracy is that smear jobs now constitute the bread and butter of our political discourse, particularly by the right-wing hate media and their feeders. Swift-boating a candidate has become an R trademark, thanks … Continue reading

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Austin Makes Me Sick!!!

Among the reasons for not moving to Austin, I bet you think our atrocious traffic problem and lack of mass transit is at the top of the list. Or the lack of affordable housing. Or the high property taxes. But you’d … Continue reading

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Beyond All the Flag Waving…

Mike, my friend and Vietnam vet, recently posted some of his thoughts about his Army service.   I was reminded of my high school years during that war era and the angst over the draft lottery that the boys I … Continue reading

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Will Our Democracy Survive the Tea Party?

Like most Americans, I hate seeing our nation’s capital entangled in the throes of hatred and ignorance that have been plaguing it almost since the beginning of President Obama’s presidency.  At first, Republicans vowed to make sure Obama was a … Continue reading

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Austin May be Weird, But Portland is Cool!

I’m not generally known as a travel blogger (assuming I’m known for anything at all), but a recent trip to Portland was motivation for me to write about that city for its sheer audacity, if nothing else.  Portland, you see, … Continue reading

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Voting Rights: Deep Fried and Slathered with Butter

As you may have heard, one of the U.S. Supreme Court’s last acts this term was the axing of Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that required pre-clearance by the Justice Department (or a federal court) of voting … Continue reading

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We’re Just Saying No: No Relaxing, No Enjoying It!

Among the many things that offended me about the events on the closing day of the Texas special session, one of the most offensive was Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst blaming the Senate gallery for a breakdown of decorum and decency. … Continue reading

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Circles and Cycles

As I hang up my two-decade litigation career at the Texas Attorney General’s Office, it seems fitting that I depart with some words of wisdom, acquired along the trail of courthouses across the state.  I’m sure my junior colleagues would … Continue reading

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What I Want for Mother’s Day

This week brought the horrifying news of the three women enslaved by a man in a Cleveland house, the horror only diminished by the fact that the three were finally free.  After ten years.  The details — those revealed and … Continue reading

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Resistance is (not) Futile

Much has been said about the failed attempt to pass the gun background check law through the Senate recently, but I’ll say some more things about it since it’s hardly an issue I can ignore — especially since I’m a … Continue reading

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