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The Patrick 55 and Super-Access Toll Road

Don’t expect a rosy report from me regarding Texas’s new all-guy crop of officials who took office last month. To feel any hope whatsoever, you need to be uber-Christian, gun loving, anti-women’s choice and equal pay, or a big business … Continue reading

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How I Decided to Live with my Bibliophilism

Talk about futility. I thought I had almost made it through the end of the year and holiday season with my addiction under control. As you probably realize from the title, I don’t shop or eat fruit cakes in excess … Continue reading

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The Violation of Viola

Right up front I’ll admit to having few credentials as a television or entertainment critic. On the other hand, I’ve read many reviews that make me question the credentials of others. I figure if you can articulate your opinion and … Continue reading

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The Heartbreak of Tax Breaks

As many Austinites already know, our fair city – once known as a laid back haven for slackers, musicians, students, and escapees of the Dallas and Houston lifestyle – is becoming increasingly unlivable and unaffordable.  Unfortunately, the beauty and quality … Continue reading

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Austin Makes Me Sick!!!

Among the reasons for not moving to Austin, I bet you think our atrocious traffic problem and lack of mass transit is at the top of the list. Or the lack of affordable housing. Or the high property taxes. But you’d … Continue reading

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Beyond All the Flag Waving…

Mike, my friend and Vietnam vet, recently posted some of his thoughts about his Army service.   I was reminded of my high school years during that war era and the angst over the draft lottery that the boys I … Continue reading

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How about an International Women’s Decade?

I suspect that many of you are oblivious to the significance of March 8th and probably didn’t see any reference to it anywhere last week. Except for the Google doodle referencing International Women’s Day (“IWD”), it didn’t get much media … Continue reading

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Hangin’ High or Muddlin’ Through

[This post is borrowed from my friend Flaco’s blog: According to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, is the ninth-most popular Christmas song … Continue reading

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Coming to a Screen Near You: A Taxing Drama

With the upcoming premiere of the 2013 legislative session, we’re beginning to see trailers of this biennial blockbuster featuring a cast of characters who will craft a budget that will either cripple public services and education or save us from … Continue reading

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My Summer Hiatus

I’ve noticed a lot of “news” magazines (e.g., 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning) are re-airing old segments, causing me to wonder whether I’ve become incredibly prescient or just losing my mind,  imagining that I’ve seen something before.  They very cleverly … Continue reading

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