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An Ode to the Symphony

Living through the debacle of the Trump presidency, I imagine that I share with others the sense of dread that greets my mornings. With the help of my snooze button, I manage to avoid wakefulness a few times, but eventually … Continue reading

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O Democracy, Wherefore Art Thou?

Once upon a time, I truly believed that I had a voice in my government, maybe not directly, but certainly through my elected representatives. Even while my preferred candidate in a particular race didn’t always win, I had more than … Continue reading

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The Core that May Always be With Us

Donald Trump, master of chaos, commander in crazy, continues to spiral out of control, and yet he continues to maintain a base of support comprising 35 to 40% of the American public. It’s hard to fathom how these core supporters … Continue reading

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Various Shades of Confederate Grey

Aroused by the shootings in South Carolina and the Confederate Flag controversy, Austinites are among many Southerners who are debating whether to purge its city of statues of Confederate leaders, along with considering name changes for the buildings and schools … Continue reading

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Counting the Ways I [heart] Austin

As much as I enjoy traveling to other cities and towns, Austin is the city of my heart.  So, on the occasion of this Valentine’s Day, allow me to wax poetic on the subject – at least for a paragraph … Continue reading

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Bury My Heart in Austin

I have traveled far to visit historic sites recommended by one of the two Fs (Fodor’s or Frommer’s) or listed in 1,000 Places to See Before I Die, marveling at walls, both great (China) and imprisoning (Alcatraz), canals, towers, gardens, … Continue reading

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