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Never Too Late to Crack those Books

Well, it’s that season again. For many of you, a reunion of your high school class is on the horizon and some of you are debating, as you always do, whether you should reveal to those you grew up with … Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Peter Pan

Unlike our more youthful co-travelers on the road of life, those of us of the mature persuasion tend to think more about our days being numbered.  We begin accumulating numbers that serve to focus our attention on this fact, such … Continue reading

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The Inescapable Shades of Gray

Human beings are purposeful animals.  We decide to do something, set a goal, put something in motion.  The funny thing about life, though, is that what we do doesn’t always work out as intended . . . we get blindsided … Continue reading

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Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Okay, I know that there are folks who hear “high school reunion” and think, “I’d rather have a colonoscopy.”   I am just not one of them.  The reality is that our memories make us unique among beings in the animal kingdom … Continue reading

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