Somewhere from the Audiosphere!!

As we put 2010 to rest, I want to thank you for all the time you spent digesting my musings, commiserating with my pet peeves, and simply coming along on this journey of mental meanderings, disappointments, indignities, amusement, and wonderment.  I appreciate every tear, every laugh, and every comment I’ve received from you.

In 2011, I plan to make some changes, including a format change.  I may also start including photos and other graphics.  I will also try the broadcast arena, recording the entries so that you can multi-task more efficiently . . . you will be able to listen while writing out your grocery list.  Or if you just like hearing me read along with you, that’s fine, too.

And if I figure out the podcast thing, you will be able to download the broadcast to your Ipod and listen as you walk the dog.  In other words, I can be with you ALWAYS!  Or, just now and then.

So, to end the year with either a great treat or big laugh, I want to share with you my initial foray as a broadcaster, recorded December 26th.  My son, Dax, was visiting from New York and helped me unpack the microphone, which had been sitting patiently in its box on my desk since mid-November.  Trying to make it jibe with my computer, he was able to determine that said computer didn’t have enough RAM for the mic’s software.  But, ever resourceful, he found a work-around solution (which I believe to be legal), and, in short, launched me into the audiosphere!

So, in the giddy moments following liftoff, we decided to do a radio show to play for you folks.  We do not wax eloquently on any particular subject — you will just hear me and Dax and talking about whatever comes to mind and playing music for you, alternating between a few of my choices and a few of his.  So, there won’t be much enlightenment or thoughts provoked, but maybe you’ll hear a few songs, our thoughts on some recent movies, and proof that I should prepare a bit before I do another extemporaneous radio show.

To listen, click on this link (or paste it in your browser):

HERE’S TO A GREAT  NEW YEAR! Clink, clink!  (I’m drinking Moet Chandon White Star)

About nowandthenadays

Observer of life who writes about Austin, women's issues, history, and politics. I worked in the Texas Legislature for 9 years, moved to the State Comptroller's Office where I worked for 9 years, then went to work as an Assistant Attorney General after graduating from UT Law, for more than 20 years. Since retirement in May, 2013, I've identified myself as a writer, a caretaker, widow, grandmother, pandemic survivor, and finder of true love.
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